Upasana Enlightenment 2019 in Exciting India!

Upasana Enlightenment Course Location Sonesha Academies International
Upasana Enlightenment Course Location Sonesha Academies International
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We choose our course locations to be the most conducive for personal development and growth.

The next Upasana Enlightenment will be held in Jaipur India from 22nd August to 4th September 2019.

The transformation begins...

22nd August 2019

What can you expect in India?

As the birthplace of world religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, India attracts millions of visitors from across the globe who visit this ancient country to seek enlightenment. India is famous for its various pilgrimages, retreats and spiritual disciplines like Yoga, that are recognised globally.
India is one of the most spiritually and culturally rich countries in the world.
In 2019 the Sonesha Upasana Enlightenment will be held in amazing Jaipur, the state capital of Rajasthan and home of incredible historical locations. These include the Palace of the Winds, Amber Fort, and the ancient astronomical instruments of Jantar Mantar.
A short drive south of Delhi, Jaipur is close to Agra, the home of the iconic Taj Mahal.


Indians dress modestly and are unfamiliar with skimpy western fashions. You will visit a number of temples, which require a certain level of discretion. Bring clothes that cover the arms and pants/skirts that go past the knees. A light scarf is also a good idea for covering shoulders and arms when it’s hot.
You might be surprised to find that classic hippy / Indian clothes are not abundant in India. Purchase your favourite hippy clothes prior to your visit.
Depending on the time of year, temperatures in northern India can range from very hot to very cold. Jaipur weather in August will be hot for some so we suggest light clothing. Don’t forget sun protection.


India is a huge country, with large geographical diversity, extreme temperatures, tropical regions and highly populous cities, so unexpected health issues can affect even the most seasoned traveller.
Be mindful of where you eat, especially if frequenting street food stalls. Meat eaters must take care, for vegetarianism is the Indian default. Your stay at the Upasana Enlightenment includes professionally prepared, delicious food that caters to international guests.
While staying in India will be enhanced by not panicking about potential health issues, it would be wise to consult your doctor as to the most appropriate vaccinations and medications for your visit.


India is a varied nation with a wealth of art, dance, music and foods that will dazzle the senses. Yet there is immense poverty and a growing divide between the rich and the poor. You will see slums and beggars of all ages, particularly children. While it is heartbreaking, giving them money can add to the problem, as many of the children are being exploited by bosses who make them beg. If you’d like to help, consider donating through a reputable charity instead.


India is awash with animals. You will experience elephants, cows, mangy dogs, monkeys, goats, more cows, and more monkeys.
Cows are sacred and it is not uncommon to see them wander into a restaurant or sit in the middle of a busy street, forcing the traffic to divert around them.
In some temples, monkeys are used to being fed, though they can be cheeky.


Have fun and enjoy your time in beautiful India. Remain light-hearted and know that an easy-going attitude will get you further in a place where nothing runs to time. There will be sights, smells and sounds that may challenge our cloistered Western senses, but remember to stay safe, take precautions, and be open to delays, changes to plans and adventure.
For many, India is one of the most rewarding travel destinations. With preparation and an open mind, the beauty, profound spirituality and mesmerising chaos of India ensures it will be one of the most unforgettable travel experiences you will ever have!

Additional Experiences

At the Upasana we will have access to local Travel professionals who can assist in day expeditions, or more.

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Amber Fort Jaipur Upasana Enlightenment Sonesha Academies International
Taj Mahal India Upasana Enlightenment Sonesha Academies International
Taj Mahal India Upasana Enlightenment Sonesha Academies International
Taj Mahal India Upasana Enlightenment Sonesha Academies International