A Thought On Happiness

It seems unlikely that anybody is happy all of the time. Besides, what makes one person happy may do nothing for another, and vice versa. While I may be delighted to have reached the summit of Mt Kosciusko, an Everest mountaineer may consider that a mere stroll in the park. Another person may be delighted that they didn’t attempt either climb! Either way, what makes each individual happy is important and we strive for happiness in many ways.

You may know some people who are able to find a degree of happiness in just about any circumstance. Others seem to be stuck with the notion or expectation that no matter how well things are going right now, it surely cannot last. Some people contend that without the lows in life we cannot truly appreciate the highs and that argument certainly has some merit. But as is so often the case with many things, what we expect; we attract. An expectation of happiness and a willingness to embrace the happiness in situations serves to perpetuate that state of mind. The Law of Attraction has many applications.

What makes you happy?

Is it monetary wealth? A contented family life? A fulfilling relationship? An exciting life of adventurous travels? The prospect of winning a literature prize or discovering a way to make others happy?

Only you can know from where your happiness springs. Fill in your own blanks to that question.

To tap into that inexhaustible well of happiness that so many people crave, we often need to alter our mindset and truly believe we are worthy of being happy. We deserve to be happy just as much as we yearn to be happy. It is surely much better than the alternative.

So where does one begin to find happiness?

Try deciding what it is that makes you happy. Recall circumstances and times when you were happy. Remember that feeling and expect it to arise again. To be happy you may need to actively pursue it at first, at least until it becomes an automatic way of life. And should you take two steps forward and one step back in your pursuit, remind yourself that you deserve to be happy and you will be happy.

Being happy does not require you to step over others or drag them down in order for you to rise. There is more room in the air than along the ground. We may all be happy simultaneously. Wouldn’t that be blissful!

What makes me happy is not important to you. What makes you happy is important to yourself. You will find it within once you start looking for it. It is there for the finding. It is there for the taking. It is there for the sharing.

You can be happy if you let yourself be.