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Upasana Enlightenment teaches the skills needed to take control of your Self on this earthly plane.

Meet the Course Presenter and Facilitators who will be working with you on the next Upasana Enlightenment course in India 2019.

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About Us David Facilitator Upasana Enlightenment
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Sonette: Course Presenter

About Us Sonette Upasana Enlightenment

About Sonette Schoeman

Sonette is the Presenter of the Upasana Enlightenment Course.

Sonette was born in South Africa. At an early age she became extremely ill and was given very little time to live. It was at this time that Sonette developed her techniques for taking her life in her own hands. After many years of study in India, UK, Singapore, and Australia Sonette developed what is now known as Upasana Enlightenment.

Sonette is a highly skilled Master of Reiki, Meditation, Crystal Vibrational Resonance Therapy, Sound Vibrational Resonance Therapy, Colour Vibrational Resonance Therapy, Angel Vibrational Resonance Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Soul Retrieval Therapy. Sonette is a qualified Yoga Teacher, and more.

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David: Facilitator

About Us David Upasana Enlightenment

About David Lawson

David was born in Australia. He has worked as a teacher, copy editor, marketer, and writer.

David is a Master of Sonesha Crystal Vibrational Resonance Therapy, Reiki and Meditation. He is a qualified practitioner in Sound Vibrational Resonance Therapy and Colour Vibrational Resonance Therapy.

Deb: Facilitator

About Us Deb Upasana Enlightenment

About Deb Mackay

Deb was born in New Zealand. She has worked as a executive assistant in the corporate and diplomatic worlds and as a legal secretary. Among a thousand other things, Deb was a business owner in the pet care industry.
Deb has been attending Sonesha Academy for five years. In that time she has completed various levels of many courses including Reiki I and Reiki II, Aura and Chakra I and II and qualified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher.
She will be facilitating at Sonesha Academy’s 2019 Upasana alongside her partner Rob Shackleford and very much looks forward to being there with you.

Rob: Facilitator

About Us Rob Upasana Enlightenment

About Rob Shackleford

An English-born Australian, Rob Shackleford has had a varied career including in the Media, Scuba Instructor, College Teacher and more.

He is mad keen on travel, Scuba diving, Family History, martial arts, astronomy, and playing the Djembe and Congas.

A more recent student of Sonesha, Rob has studied Yoga and Meditation, but don’t ask him too many questions as he will lead you astray.

Melissa: Facilitator

Facilitator Melissa Upasana Enlightenment

About Melissa Ralston

My name is Melissa Ralston, born in Australia. I have worked as a customer service liaison for one of the most iconic wool and craft businesses in Australia, then moving to Queensland working as a Major Accounts Co-ordinator in the building industry for an international company looking after their major account in Queensland Australia.

My passion for Feng Shui learning journey began, studying with Lillian Too in Kuala Lumpur in 2010, gaining knowledge and experience in the art of working with chi energy with Feng Shui. In 2011 I met my loving husband Scott, whom supports me in everything I do, even with his dry sense of humour thrown in along the way.

In 2012 I was fortunate to have a life changing experience and study with the well-respected Sonette at Sonesha Academy and wellbeing centre, with which my learning experience expanded beyond my expectations with personal development, Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Vibrational Resonance Therapies, Reiki, Chakra Aura, Angel Therapy. I have gained invaluable experience and have continued to add and build on my healing tools with compassion, honesty and integrity, whilst growing and expanding my knowledge and techniques, which continues to add to my life journey and passion to help others find their inner peace. Dedicated to creating health and happiness within, igniting that spark inside to create the life you choose.

I am qualified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher, Feng Shui Master practioner, Crystal Master Vibrational Resonance Therapy, Sound Vibrational Resonance Therapy, Colour Vibrational Resonance Therapy, Reiki Master/Teacher, Sonesha Meditation Master.